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ERCW Monetary and Fiscal policies

7.1 ERC World Core business

The ERC World platform is a multi-chain ecosystem, which has two key offerings

- an NFT Launchpad and Marketplace. ERC World will operate on the following networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BSC, AVAX, Bitcoin, and Fantom.

ERC World allows companies and individuals to easily mint and encode features in their unique tokens. The individual mint option is a simple creation on the blockchain of a single NFT with no special features and is suitable for individual artworks and is done outside The Launchpad. No additional fees are charged for this option, the creator must only pay the gas fee. For businesses, the Launchpad offers bulk issue tools enabling them to release large collections, similar to Yuga Labโ€™s Bored Ape Yacht Club, with rich metadata and complex features ingrained in the NFTs. The โ€œPlugโ€™nโ€™Playโ€ seamless API is a key B2B feature of the Launchpad is its ability to โ€œcross-postโ€ the collection on the company website and media accounts automatically, which eases the sale and promotion process. Furthermore, its cross-chain compatibility smart contracts seamlessly connect projects and investors across its integrated networks, increasing reach and accessibility. Owners also receive access to a custom backend CRM system equipped with a plethora of tools and resources to help their operations, launch, communication and reach. Comprehensive CRM support is provided by ERC World consultants to assist with every step of the launch process.

The marketplace of ERC World offers competitive fee rates of 1.33% and various options to sell your NFTs. Apart from the fixed price and auction, users can also choose to sell via a raffle with a 3% commission going to ERC World. The number of raffle tickets and their price is fully determined by the NFT seller, but they do not know which the winning ticket is. Once the raffle starts, users can purchase tickets and โ€œdiscoverโ€ if they win or not.

In order to grow the Web3 and NFT landscape, ERC World offers multiple educational courses aimed at attracting both creators and collectors to the crypto world. To further alleviate the complexities and security concerns of investors and creators alike, ERC World has integrated AI assistants to help with authentication and fraud detection.

Apart from the marketplace fees and raffle commission, the company will also generate revenue via marketing package sales, helping creators promote their collections and individual artwork. Another stream is the built-in DEX connection, allowing users to top up their wallets with a desired crypto currency without leaving the ERC World app or website. ERC World will profit through the swap fee generated and favorable price changes of the exchanges tokens. ERC World will launch designed collections of high value and desirability, 30% of all revenues generated by those collections will be pledged to charitable causes with proven positive impact on environmental and social issues. The charitable efforts will be facilitated by ERC Worldโ€™s pioneering Web3 technology allowing for transparent, efficient and impactful contributions to causes.

Genesis NFT Collection

The Genesis Collection is the signature NFT issue by ERC World and will be made available some time after the ERCW token launch. Genesis NFT holders receive a slew of benefits and privileges, such as access to enhanced features, exclusive collaborations, early access to new collections, and priority participation in events and auctions. The Genesis NFT also symbolizes a holderโ€™s affiliation with a very exclusive community, signals prestige in the ERC World ecosystem and grants higher visibility on the platform. Even more benefits can be unlocked by staking the Genesis NFT, namely:

โ— Loyalty points multiplier

โ— Exclusive airdrops

โ— Governance participation

Number of Genesis NFTs


1-3 NFT

1.1 loyalty points multiplier, voting rights, airdrop participation

3-9 NFTs

1.5 loyalty points multiplier, voting rights, airdrop participation, early access to new collections, marketplace spotlight slot

10+ NFTs

2.0 loyalty points multiplier, voting rights, airdrop participation, early access to new collections, exclusive collaborations, whitelisting to VIP events and auctions, marketplace spotlight slot

7.2 Tokenomics and Incentive Structures

The tokenomics and incentive structures are critical for understanding ERC World's economic model. This section outlines the distribution of tokens, including details on the token sale, allocation, and a description of the vesting schedule for different participant stages. Please refer to the original document for specific charts and tables.

7.3 Financial Projections and Sustainability

ERC World aims to create a more equitable and accessible experience for NFT creators and traders, leveraging its Launchpad and Marketplace to facilitate lower transaction costs and fees. The projected company revenue structure indicates a significant initial revenue from the issuance of the signature Genesis Collection, expected to generate approximately 1 MM USD. The ERCW token plays a central role in the ecosystem, offering payment and staking benefits, with a total fixed supply of 900 MM tokens to be minted at the token generation event.

7.4 Governance and Community Engagement

The ERC World platform emphasizes a decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes. This includes proposals on platform improvements and strategic directions with mechanisms in place for community input and decision-making.

7.5 Strategic Initiatives for Growth

Strategic growth initiatives focus on ecosystem allocations to manage unexpected expenses or disaster recovery, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience. Token sale and private investments are structured to attract early support, with a detailed token sale setup and vesting schedules to ensure commitment and gradual token distribution to support the platform's growth and token economy stability.

7.6 Sustaining User Incentives

A key component of ERC World's strategy is maintaining user engagement through a perpetual rewards system. This involves a loyalty program that distributes ERCW tokens for various platform activities. The rewards system is designed to be sustainable, with mechanisms such as token halving to manage the distribution over time. Additionally, the platform employs a reward pool replenishment strategy, ensuring a continuous incentive for platform participation.

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